We hit another milestone yesterday on our house. We got the cement floor poured in our basement. It looks great, so smooth. I would have a photo but when we got out there last night to take a look the battery on my camera was dead, reminding me that I wanted to get a second one as a backup. So much work goes beneath the cement floor. Plumbing pipes, load & loads of gravel, packing, leveling, packing, leveling, packing, leveling, insulation, wire mesh, tubing for in-floor heating. Here a photo of just before the cement went down. A site we will never see again in this house (hopefully). It's all covered up now.

I go back & forth between being so excited by what we have accomplished on the house & being discouraged by how much we have left to do. I daydream about unpacking our belonging into the house but I think we're a few steps away from that still. Our projects for the weekend include building the stairs into the basement & building both the front & back deck. All projects that we will be able to see visual progress. Unfortunately we decided we have to miss the annual Martin Camp-out this weekend, to much to do. We keep repeating the words to each other "We can have fun next summer" I sure hope we remember that next year. I know the work won't be over then.


Jackie Hutch said...

Congratulations on getting the basement floor in. You must be so excited! I just found your blog, when I clicked on Drayton Valley. COOL EH?

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