Staying in the Camper

For the last 3 weeks we've been staying in the camper at the new house. This gives us a couple extra hours every night to work and allows me to piddle away durring the day if I have time. It's working out quite well. Curt gets up extra early & goes to his parents to shower before work. The girls & I can either stay out at the house or run into town for errands or play group. If I had a laptop & internet it would work much better since I have to run back most days to do some work on the computer but otherwise great. Since my last post we have stairs, two decks, electrical is essentially done, water lines are run & plumbing is mostly done, we have a cement floor in the garage, we have power, running water, the tubs are installed, shower framed & we are finishing up all the crappy little framing bits that need to be done around the plumbing etc. We hope to start drywalling asap but it depends on when the inspectors can come out. We were hoping to hire out the drywall but it's not looking like it will happen. They all seem to be too busy right now, booking for next year. So we might try a work-bee. Anyone interested in helping us hang drywall is welcome to come. We're planning for the last weekend of the month but unfortunately I can't say for sure right now. I'm also busy picking out appliances, fixtures, paint colours, etc. Did I mention this house building is a lot of work. I was saying that this place really doesn't deserve the "rancho-relaxo" title yet. I can't say there has really been any relaxing out there. Maybe "acreage of never-ending work". I'll have to come up with something. "It's just one year of our life"

The girls are putting up with our torturing and neglecting them. Thankfully Grandma B comes out most weekends & some evenings to entertain them while we work. Nollie is a chatty little girl with a budding imagination. I'm enjoying the things that she is coming up with. She has given up naps which means that my afternoon alone time is over (known as power hour when working on the house) but it has made bed time a little easier. Nollie is really becoming an expert on all things construction related. I mean how many 2 year old girls know what a level and a square are. We've also bettered her agility with all the walking through, over and around obstacles. Luca is a busy bee and loves to climb everything but she's not ready to walk yet, just doesn't want to take the first step. She has a very powerful shreek when she wants something, usually food, it has become the background music to all our meals.

That's it, just the same old rollercoster ride. Sometimes I can see the end and other times I'm not sure we'll ever get there.


Anonymous said...

Let up know when you will have the work Bee for sure and we will try to come out. Miss U. Funny that U mentioned the title of your blog because as I clicked on it to get to your site I was also thinking that it doesn't really apply right now. Good Luck and remember to keep us posted.


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