Drywall has started! We decided to take the hit and hire out the drywall, a lot of money but I know it was the right decision. So for all the people that were not looking forward to the invitation to help drywall you no longer have to screen our calls. Its so exciting, I am now quite sure that we will be in (in, but not done) by Christmas. That's enough of a Christmas present for me. We are no longer staying out at the camper, too cold, and it's much nicer to sleep in a real bed. We did get a lot of little things done in the time we were out there.

Luca is so close to walking, she will take a few steps but is not ready for it to be her main mode of transportation yet. She understands much of what we're saying and tries to communicate back with us. There's lots of yes & no head nodding coming from her, pointing & yelling. She's much more vocal than her sister.

Nollie is getting a taste of all kinds of new toys lately & loving everything, dolls, cars, lego. She is so bright & picks things up really quickly. She will say things that you've only told her once and is very observant about what is around her. At the house she noticed when the tubs got drains, when the doors got knobs and she points out all the STOP signs that we come across. She has started singing lately too, love it!


Linda B said...

I am extremely excited for you guys. And I am actually starting to get jealous. Up till now I have been thinking I am glad we didn't try that, but now it is really coming together. I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

Sure, take a picture of the jacuzzi tub. I guess you deserve to brag. you have done a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard anyone regret hiring out the drywalling I have to say. Probably an excellent choice. Ze babies are looking cute as always.


Jackie Hutch said...

We are in the midst of finishing our basement, and we hired out the taping. We are sooooo glad we did that!

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