For Next Easter...

I find myself after each holiday reflecting back and creating a little list in my head of things to keep in mind for next year. I however have a memory like a goldfish and forget that list long before the next years festivities. I thought maybe if I wrote it down I had a better chance of keeping the ideas for next year.
  1. Get the kids home & t0 bed at a decent hour the night before you have full day of festivities planned. Really I know this already but I have a hard time leaving my Mom & Dad's house when we're all together.
  2. The Easter egg hunt is fun, keep it on the tradition list.
  3. Do not put starter treats in the Easter basket if you want a 1 & 2 year old to be interested in an egg hunt. Eating Distraction.
  4. Don't buy so much candy! The girls do not need a sample of every candy made on Easter morning.
  5. Finding cool non-candy items that fit in the little plastic eggs is not easy.
  6. Bring an egg along when shopping as a size reference so you don't buy items that are too big to fit in the egg.
  7. Plan ahead and make something crafty. (or actually pick a craft and make it rather than looking at every single crafty Easter related item you could make for the girls and not making any)
  8. Phone ahead to see what the host needs you to bring. There were an abundance of desserts at both events. I guess we all had sweets on the brain.
  9. Don't eat so much.
  10. Don't buy so much candy! Wait did I say that already?
Since we are at the beginning of our life as a family and still developing our family traditions I'm trying to decide what to keep for next year and what to change. The last two years we have just done an egg hunt for the girls using plastic eggs. The eggs included both candy treats and small non-candy treats (stickers, stretchy bunnies, etc). I like the egg hunt & don't want to give it up but I also consider giving a small gift in addition. I don't think the girls need a present at each holiday but if I'm going to get them something I could probably come up with a better idea that just candy. I would like to get something non candy related but without just buying the girls more "stuff". By limiting myself to what can fit in a plastic egg I find myself just buying an item just because it will fit in the egg. Maybe I could make them an Easter dress of get them some art/craft supplies, maybe I just need to get a little more creative with what can go in a plastic egg. I'm not sure what next Easter will bring, I guess I have a whole year to think about it.

What did you give for Easter or what did you get as a child?


Linda B said...

I gave story blocks this year

marci_jo said...

It was such a great idea, I will be more crafty with my gift next year.

michelle said...

I think if crafty time is at a minimum in our house, eggs might just be filled with money..... then they can count it up and buy something or save it..... I usually end up throwing out the easter candy in a few weeks anyway.... uhoh now I sound like an easter scrooge.

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