The Waiting Game

I am one week away from this baby's due date today.  I think I need to remind myself of this.  I've been playing the waiting game for about two weeks now, "..could be any day."  All of this waiting makes me feel like I should have had the baby by now.   Since my first two were late I'm sure I've still got another two weeks of waiting to go.  I've had my Christmas shopping done for weeks, my bags packed, clothes washed for baby, the essentials basically done.  I am ready and normally I'm a bit of a procrastinator.  I'm not sure I like this being prepared thing, it just makes me anxious.  Our house has been full of Christmas baking (& eating), Christmas crafts, Christmas decorating, all things to keep my mind off  my tightening abdomen or crampy feelings that might turn into labour.  All in all though there has been too much sitting at the computer, cross stiching in the rocking chair, napping on the couch.  I'm longing for a summer day when I can be working outside in the garden or a nice long walk but with the cold and snow it hasn't happened.  I guess I should just be enjoying the quiet time (not really quiet with my other two girls here but quieter I'm sure) before baby number 3 comes.  I'm still comfortable and only slightly irritable, so I'll just keep waiting.  Baby will come when it is ready.


greenapplegirl said...

wishing you a lovely birth of this baby..... thinking of you often!

Lindsay said...

Is there a baby yet? Merry Christmas to you guys. I remember when Jess told me about Miss Nollie being born back in the early summer of 2006 if I recall correctly. Amazing how much Life can happen in less than four years!

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