Flashlight Walk

Last night after dark we went on our first family "flashlight walk".  After dark we all bundled up in our snow gear and everyone got a flashlight to hold (except Wavy).  We trudged around our property through the deep snow and on Simon's trails .  Waverly was wrapped tight to me and the older two had a ride in the sled.  Nollie later preferred to get out of the sled and make new trails through the deep snow, exploring at her own pace. The girls each got new flashlights last week and they love them.  This was a nice chance for them to see how we use them to light the path in front of us while we walk at night. We also got to look at the stars and everyone got some fresh air.  I'm glad Curt suggested the flashlight walk, it was such a nice reminder that outside fun doesn't have to end when the sun goes down.


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