100 Goals for 2011

Inspired by Michelle here is my list of 100 thing to do in 2011

  1. Get up at 6:30am when Curt leaves for work
  2. Get back to a weekly cleaning routine
  3. Tidy up every night
  4. Start trim in the house
  5. Finish sidewalks
  6. Make a back patio
  7. Paint deck railings
  8. Hang pictures
  9. Get a proper window covering for the patio door
  10. Plant trees
  11. Have a bigger and better garden
  12. Help Curtis organize and set up the shop
  13. Set up the craft room in the basement
  14. Use up half of my fabric stash
  15. Sew a piece of clothing for all five of us
  16. Make a quilt
  17. Finish my cross stitch
  18. Sell the box of old items on ebay (or give away at the end of the year)
  19. Eat fruit when I feed it to my girls
  20. Post on my blog at least once a week
  21. Transition Waverly to the girls room
  22. Set up an RESP for Waverly
  23. Set up company RRSP/RESP matching
  24. Set up automatic payments to savings account and keep the money there
  25. Start Nollie in Kindergarden (Yikes)
  26. Take at least one individual date with each of my girls
  27. Take one internet free day a month
  28. Stick with meal planning
  29. Replace the Delicio with a non-processed "I'm feeling lazy"  meal in the freezer.
  30. Have at least 4 dates with just Curt
  31. Set up a will
  32. Order all online Christmas gifts by December 1
  33. Give something home made with each Christmas gift
  34. Send out Christmas cards by December 10th
  35. Give family at least one week notice for Birthday parties and events
  36. Set up a system for keeping/getting rid of kids crafts
  37. Read a 20 books
  38. Organize my spare room so it works
  39. Clear my island completely once a day
  40. Take a family photo
  41. Take another Calgary trip
  42. Go camping with my parents at least once
  43. Invite someone to dinner once a month
  44. Visit my Grandparents one a month
  45. Plan backwards from when I have to arrive so I'm not late
  46. Send out Birthday cards (and in time for the person to receive them)
  47. Floss my teeth every day
  48. Do a puzzle
  49. Ride my bike 
  50. Go on a hike
  51. Purge photos on the computer
  52. Take photos at least once a week
  53. Continue a thrift store donation bag and keep adding to it
  54. Get a box of toys to donate ready and get it out of the house before the kids find it and unpack it again
  55. Golf more than once
  56. Swim as a family at least twice a month
  57. Take more photographs of extended family
  58. Have a sisters date
  59. Go to the craft sale with my Mom again
  60. Use my facial gift certificate
  61. Use my embroidery machine
  62. Make a piece of jewelery for myself
  63. Sell something on etsy
  64. Get back to drinking water
  65. Go outside every day
  66. Get more indoor plants
  67. Clean up the junk area just beyond the back yard
  68. Sit at the table for breakfast and lunch with my girls (even if I've already eaten)
  69. Do something fun for my 30th Birthday
  70. Get rid of 100 things
  71. Accept that my jobs as mother/homemaker never end, they just repeat
  72. Take time to just sit and think
  73. Declutter my feed reader, probably a few times
  74. Discover new music
  75. Knit something
  76. Have a big BBQ this summer
  77. Watch the sunset on our front porch with Curt...several times
  78. Read with my kids every day
  79. Cuddle more on the couch
  80. Clean sheets
  81. Buy things with less packaging
  82. Make/get reusable produce bags
  83. Display some kids artwork in frames
  84. Drive to the beach for the day
  85. Go bouldering at Vertically Inclined again
  86. Play more board games
  87. Sushi in DV
  88. Sew some doll clothes
  89. Go for a few Sunday Family Skis
  90. Make french bread
  91. Summer vacation
  92. Plant more perennials
  93. Plant an apple tree or two
  94. Save for something big and then buy it
  95. Go for a massage
  96. Stage a fun photo shoot with props
  97. Do one thing before the girls get up each morning to make my day easier
  98. Enjoy a couple morning coffee's on the deck
  99. Plant a tipi
  100. Review this list at least once a month
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