Just before Christmas Curtis got bought a rock tumbler.  He was very excited by it, talking about how he has always wanted one and his Grandma used to have one.  I was not quite so excited but I know that when Curtis gets his mind on something it is going to happen, no matter what.  Each week as he checked out his rocks before starting the next phase he would get so excited at the idea of what each rock would look like.  I have a little less vision and so I was interested in a few but the rest just looked like gravel to me.  This weekend when we pulled the finished rocks out, I too became excited.  Each rock was so unique and wonderful. They are shiny and smooth, great to just hold in your hand.
We spread all the rock out on a towel and just played with them for a while, looking at each one.
Its hard to believe all these great rocks just came from a hand full of gravel outside our back door.  Once all the snow disappears I will be on the lookout for interesting rocks to tumble.
 Right now the rocks all sit in a vase on our island so we can look at them all the time and its easy to just grab a few and check them out.
Inspired by Sharon Nowlan's Pebble Art of Nova Scotia that I saw at the Butterdome Craft Sale and loved, I put together our own rock family. 
I couldn't bring myself to actually use any of the rocks for a permanent rock picture yet but I think I will be making one of these in the future.
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