Inside Snow

Yesterday Luca was bugging me to play something on her tray. I tried ignoring her requests but she persisted, so I suggested a few clean, easy options.  She said "No Mom, something messy" because everyone knows that's what you use your trays for. 

 I finally gave in and grabbed them each a bowl of fresh snow off the deck. Both girls were excitedly at the table before I could close the door, placing requests for the additional tools they would need. 

Who knew snow would be so exciting, I figured they would be tired of it by this point of the winter. 

The girls played for over an hour with the snow and when Waverly woke up they needed to let her try too. The fun was put to a stop when Waverly finally dumped the tray of melting snow all over the floor. Oh well, easy clean up.  The girls couldn't wait to tell Dad at supper  time about the crazy thing they did today, bringing snow inside.
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