Milk Bone Cake

We got together this last weekend to celebrate a few family birthdays at my parents house.  My brother Jesse, sister Courtney (and my parents dog Téa).  The joke in the family is that since Téa's birthday is on the same day as Courtney's we celebrate them together with equal importance.  I'm sure after four years the joke is getting a but old for Courtney, but the rest of us find it quite funny.  When I told Curt that we would be making the cake for Jesse, Courtney and Téa he knew just the cake he wanted to make... a dog bone.  I gave him my "really Curt" look but I could see by his face that he was doing this.

Immediately after supper I made up my favorite chocolate cake recipe and a quick crumb coat of icing then I left the rest to Curt.  This was Curt's second  cake working with marshmallow fondant and although he fought with it a bit it worked out quite well.  The writing says "Happy Birthday Tina, Love the Family" and at the bottom in tiny, tiny writing says "and Jesse & Courtney."  I couldn't let the extra cake that we cut way to make the bone shape go to waste so I tried my hand at making cake balls (cake & icing mixed together, rolled into balls and then dipped in chocolate).  It was a bit of a late night, but we had alot of fun together making this.

The Cake was a hit and OMG the cake balls were delicious!

Happy Birthday Jesse, Courtney (& Téa)!
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