31 Today


It’s my 31st Birthday and I thought it deserved a blog post but I wasn’t sure what to write.  Here are some random thoughts about me today.

  1. I am wife of 7 years to an amazing man
  2. Mother of 3 lovely girls
  3. 6 months pregnant with baby number 4
  4. Have two pets, a dog Simon & a cat Pepper
  5. I’m a first year homeschooling mom
  6. President of the Swim Club
  7. Girl Guide/Sparks Leader
  8. I spend way too much time on the internet
  9. I’m currently reading the Hunger Games Trilogy
  10. I got my 1st smart phone this year
  11. I’ve been finding grey hairs on my head.
  12. The weather forecast today is sunny with a high of 0*C, this winter has been unusually warm
  13. I’ve been cross country skiing nearly every weekend this year
  14. I’m a library addict and easily have 30 items out at any given time.
  15. I’m going to make a chocolate cake today and let the kids free for all decorate it.
  16. I was up at 5am and had the bathrooms cleaned by 6:15am today.
  17. I love my mornings to myself
  18. I go to bed by 10:30pm
  19. I’ve been enjoying two coffee’s every day
  20. I am just starting an art journal.
  21. The trim is only done in two rooms of the house and we’ve been living here 3 years.
  22. I have kids drawings taped all over the walls of my house.
  23. I would rather shop online than go to a store
  24. I wear my slippers every day so I can’t feel the crumbs on my floor
  25. I am a huge procrastinator
  26. I bought myself a plant, some chocolate, a fresh journal and some new markers this week, I guess you can call it a birthday present to myself.
  27. Have extra long hair on my legs
  28. I don’t use shampoo or conditioner
  29. I’m can’t stop myself from buying kids books at the thrift store.
  30. I’m not very good at being on time
  31. I feel like I’m exactly where I should be at 31.
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