I was so excited to pick up a new bike seat for Nollie last weekend in the city. I now have no excuses and I should be out biking every day. Nollie and I have taken a few bike rides in the last few days, I think she likes it. I'm a little out of shape though so I have to slowly work up to going any distance. I'll have to get Curt to take a picture of us on the bike, I'll bet we look pretty cute.


Anonymous said...

i'm sure you do too. must be somewhat awkward cycling with a bebe on back, no? j

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to break out my bike! Although, right now in Edmonton it's feeling more like winter than spring so it might have to wait a few more days...Have fun Girls!


Anonymous said...

cute...Biking is really something I SHOULD do with the kidlettes. Aside from pulling a bike cart, I wonder how I could manage with the two? I guess I could put one in front (they have the neatest front seats) and one behind. Could you imagine the workout?


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