West Ed on a Saturday

These words alone should be enough to send shivers up your spine, then lets add a little girl into the mix YIKES. Curt had a hockey tournament for his work at West Ed on Saturday. There was a family skate at one point, I needed to get some sandals, and I wanted to just wander around the mall since Curt hates the place and we would never come otherwise. Nollie and I only went for about 3 1/2 hours. We had a skate, went for lunch and I got my sandals but that was really it. I think it would have been better with the stroller than the carrier because that way she would have likely fallen asleep, but I didn't want to have to worry about maneuvering with my big stroller. Thank goodness Linda & Andre live so close to the mall because I was able to hang out there for the rest of the day. Thanks to Andre & Linda for watching Nollie during the supper. I was happy to know that she didn't scream bloody murder without her mom there.


Anonymous said...

that is truly the most horrifying title i think i've ever come across on a blog. the only thing worse would be west ed the last saturday before christmas. sigh. exams are killing me. j

Anonymous said...

yep...WEM is a place that I avoid like the plague when it comes to shopping with kids! It's stimulation overload for myself and the kids, and while they can handle a couple stores worth of shopping, it's hardly ever worth the trip. Definately something to do kidless!


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