Facebook Addiction

I Think I may be addicted to Facebook.com. For those of you who aren't on Facebook it's just another way to find and stay connected with your friends. Share photos, information about yourself etc. I am constantly checking to see if there are any new people on or any updates. Plus with the thought of my 10 year high school reunion coming up next year I'm getting a little curious about what everyone has been up to. Maybe I should ease off a little though. I'm sure there haven't been any updates in the last 5 minutes.


Anonymous said...

So...I thought I'd check facebook out and see what all the buzz was. This apparently was something I shouldn't have done...now I have yet another thing on the computer that I'm completely addicted to.


Anonymous said...

you must have a facebook addiction because you have not posted anything since april 24th!! it is now May 20th...... yikes you are slipping!! miss you guys, it sure was nice staying with you . . . talk to you soon! love courtney and dawson

Anonymous said...

you need to blog again! What is new with you two? Jess

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