Goodbye 20's Hello 30

Today is my 30th Birthday, Happy Birthday to Me!

A decade in review:

Age 20:
  • Don't remember, kidding... partly
  • University
  • P-A-R-T-Y
  • Was Renting my first apartment in Downtown Edmonton with my lovely friend Vanessa
Age 21: 
  • More University, more party, more living downtown with V
  • Completed my BSc in Biology, Specializing in Genetics
  • Retired for a summer (I mean there was only so much time you could spend looking for a job right)
  • Took an international trip visiting England, Holland, Belgium and France
  • Got myself a job 
  • Moved with Vanessa & Jess to a 3 bedroom apartment with a washer & dryer
  • Got my first car
Age 22:
  • Continued living with V & Jess
  • Worked as Plant Manager at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility
  • Got engaged to my lovely man
Age 23
  • Continued working in various positions at the same pharmaceutical company
  • Lived a bit with Murray & Jess
  • Bought our first house
  • Renovated the basement
  • Had various friends & family live with us
  • Built our first garage
  • Got Married to my lovely husband 
Age 24
  • Had my Brother & Sister live with us
  • Finished renovating the basement
  • Worked as Office Manager & Quality Assurance Manager at a Pharmaceutical company
  • Got pregnant
Age 25
  • Moved away to Provost buying our first acreage 
  • No longer working
  • Had massages every month
  • Sewed a lot of diapers
  • Got two dogs
  • My first garden
  • Had my first beautiful baby girl
  • Play groups
  • Started to blog
  • Quiet & peaceful year
Age 26
  • Obsessed over Nollie
  • Became an Auntie
  • Bought the truck
  • Moved back to DV
  • Had my second beautiful baby girl
  • Started building our own house
Age 27
  • The year of the house build, that's all we did, really that is it
  • Became a minivan mama
  • Moved into our new house just before Christmas
    Age 28
    • Continued working on the house as we live there
    • Started some landscaping
    • Built a shop
    • Had our third beautiful baby girl
      Age 29
      •  Momed
      • Started cross country skiing
      • Gardened my brains out
      • Volunteered on the Swim Club Executive

        There you have it, a snippet of my last decade.

        Bring it on 30, I'm excited to see what you've got for me!
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