MY Dark Chocolate Stash

It started with Curt dipping into my secret (or I guess not so secret) chocolate stash and eating MY dark chocolate and then complaining about how disgusting dark chocolate was... as he ate it.  Agh, quit wasting my good chocolate.  Now he has decided that he really likes my chocolate and he is going into my cupboard every day. Beat it Curt, really.  Since I see him take a piece I think that I need to as well, partly because it puts the idea in my head but it also becomes like a race, I'm afraid he will eat it all and there will be none left for me.

I used to buy only one bar a month and savor it one tiny piece at a time.  Now there is no way that one bar will last the whole month.  Its a good thing I have a bit of a stash from when they were on sale.  I think I may have to find a new hiding spot.  Watch out Curt, I'm cutting you off.

Oh and if you were wondering its the Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate Bars, Intense Orange usually but we recently tried Intense Blackcurrant and that was delightful as well.
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