A Little Exercise and an Attitude Adjustment


I woke up this morning to this:

Just a few days into spring, I was enjoying the warm weather, the snow was melting away to mud puddles and the kids were outside all the time enjoying the change of scenery.  Then mother nature decides to dump just one more snow on us. Agrr, springtime in Alberta.

I shouldn’t really have been surprised, it happens every year.   Looking back at previous posts there was mention of snow last year on the first day of spring,  in March 2009 while working on siding, and April Snow in 2008.

The snowy weather today was really putting me in a bad mood.  It could have to do with 3rd trimester pregnancy grouchies and likely compounding on unfortunate events of the previous week.  I was slumping around in a funk.

I should be ecstatic today, thoroughly enjoying myself.  After all all three girls were having a day at Grandma’s and I had the place to myself, but instead I was being Debbie Downer, whaa, whaa whaa.

Curt’s suggestion to me was to go out and get some exercise and then write a thankful post.

I went outside to get some fresh air and shovel off the decks and he was right, it felt good.

Now it’s time for a change in attitude. 

I am thankful for Nollie’s creativity and believing anything is possible.

I am thankful for Luca’s new found love of music and dancing, puts a smile on my face every time

I am thankful for Waverly’s cuddles, she gives the best hugs right now.

I am thankful for baby 4’s kicks and the amazing feeling of life inside my own body.

I am thankful for Curtis not accepting excuses and for telling me to exercise (even though at the time it makes me want to punch him in the face).

What are you thankful for?

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