Project Simplify–Kids’ Stuff

I’ve decided to participate in Simple Mom’s Project Simplify to help assist me with some spring cleaning.
Week one’s project was Kids’ stuff.  I thought this one would be  pretty easy for me since I seem to go through the kids items on a fairly regular basis but I’m at the difficult part now, I’ve gotten rid of the easiest stuff and I know I need to get rid of more but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I spent a lot of time this week just wandering around staring at the kids things and doing nothing.
Looking at the before and after photos didn’t show much of a difference so I started to list the things I did accomplish.
  1. We pulled out all the stuffed animals and got rid of two.
  2. We picked up all the  paper, tissue, styrofoam bits, and other garbage that found its way onto the floor of the girls areas.
  3. We tidied up the girls room putting everything back in the appropriate container and removing any items that didn’t have a proper home.
  4. I gave the girls room a good dust & vacuum.
  5. I culled the girls magazines getting rid of any damaged ones and putting them all back in one place, a basket in their room.
  6. I re-shelved books, moving them to the appropriate areas and got rid of a dozen.
  7. I picked through the Barbie items as the girls played with them and got rid of a few broken dolls & items.
  8. I moved the majority of Waverley’s cloth diapers downstairs since we are now in the potty training phase.
  9. The basement play/homeschool area got a basic clean up. Mostly it was just a matter of throwing away trash and putting toys away.
  10. I hung up some hooks for dress-up and costumes
I’m trying to remove items from each area that don’t have a place and I know that many of these items are the ones I need to get rid of. I guess that is my next step, getting the stuff out of the house before the girls drag it back into the play areas.
Maybe that’s ok for me. I don’t need to do a huge purge all in one go and get rid of a ton of stuff. Baby steps work too, just a little every day and I’ll get there.

Then on Saturday morning the opportunity arose for us to redo the girls room so we completely cleared it out
Pictures of the finished room to come when I get it all put back together.

Update:  Here's a link to the painted girls room
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